The Wizard’s Lair

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A peek behind the curtain as I process information in real-time and build in public.

The Wizard’s Lair is where I’ll share what I’m learning and creating in it’s most raw form, and in real-time.

Links, Resources, Essays. Daily and weekly planning journals. Ideas for new trainings.

Rough drafts. Course Notes. SOP’s. Swipe Files. Software Stacks.

100% of the alpha experiment proceeds will go to Unity 4 Orphans, a charitable organization established to raise awarenessunite communities, and move people towards creatively and tangibly investing in the lives of abandoned and neglected children.

A few things to know:

✔️ Nothing is off the table.

That being said, there are no guarantees that what you see here today will be here tomorrow.

✔️ This is experimental, a work in progress, and based on how my mind is functioning in the moment.

✔️ Your purchase guarantees lifetime access to the The Wizard’s Lair, for as long as this thought experiment continues.

Build Log

Current Version: 4.0

Total Note Count: 97

Last Update: 2/13/22