Hi, I’m Jeff Kimes

I work with you to develop cohesive strategy that plays to your strengths, your unique voice, and compelling mission in the world to elevate your business, your revenue, and your impact.

Dream Clients: Heart-centered entrepreneurs already doing mid-6 figs to 7-figs in revenue who want to grow their revenue in alignment with their brand values and unique voice.

Primary Area of Expertise: Building out marketing ecosystems with a focus on funnel strategy, copywriting, and relationship building.

I’ve been behind the scenes of epic growth for many incredible brands and missions doing amazing work in the world. From health care to coaching to trauma work to psychedelics to biohacking and loads of others. For me, client work is an opportunity to collaborate with stellar humans and create greater results and impact than we could do separately.

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Jeff’s work as a copywriter and marketing strategist has been referenced in the following article & podcast episodes:

  • TCC Podcast #144: Using Copy to Set the Stage with Jeff Kimes – Copywriter Jeff Kimes on optimizing for learning, the ethics of copy, not just a copywriter, you’re marketing strategist, you’re a content strategist. (thecopywriterclub.com)
  • EP I75 Insulated From The Impact with Freelancer Jeff Kimes – Jeff Kimes is having his best month as a freelancer, so I got him on Zoom to ask him about how he’s doing it. (copychief.com)
  • 14 Amazing Freelance Writer Websites That Crush The Competition – Jeff Kimes science of copy copywriting email marketing website example. (copyslam.co)

For more on Jeff Kimes, you can find him at http://www.jeffkimes.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: Jeff Kimes
LinkedIn: Jeff Kimes

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People Say Nice Things About Me …

Leo Babauta

Founder, Zen Habits

“Working with Phil, we’ve shifted the entire business in a huge, huge way. I started to work with phil because I realized there were some things holding me back…he’s helping me to fulfill my mission in a way that is huge, reaching people in a powerful way, but is also incredibly authentic”.

Luana Fara

Founder, Vida Om Yoga Platform

“Our first consultation with Phil was more beneficial than we could have imagined. Just one idea he gave, which we never would have thought of helped us generate several thousand dollars in our first month of business!”