Hi, I’m Irina R.

I help digital entrepreneurs from different parts of the world manage their projects, teams, and systems so they can get more done in less time. 

Dream Clients: My Dream clients would :

  • Have a digital product (digital course, digital book…etc)
  • be content/course creators, influencers, YouTubers
  • Age between 30-40
  • be motivated to educate and entertain their audience and share their knowledge and experiences
  • be kind and respectful
  • be Funny and authentic
  • be Creative
  • have clarity in their business
  • take work seriously

Primary Area of Expertise: Your digital business manager, productivity ninja, accountability buddy, problem solver, and team happiness expert rolled into one.

I’m a huge fan of streamlining processes and making sure they work for you and your team. So helping you plan your future business projects, keeping your team efficient and on track, and helping you focus on your zone of genius are things I’m absolutely passionate about.

I can help you prepare and project plan your business launches and projects so you get clarity on each step of the way. I’ll host meetings with the team to keep track of the timeline and project status and then report to the client.

For the team management, I can help from the hiring process to the onboarding, training, and offboarding once the project/contract is done.

For more on Irina R, you can find her at http://www.irinadigitalservices.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: Irina Digital Services
LinkedIn: Irina R

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People Say Nice Things About Me …

Leo Babauta

Founder, Zen Habits

“Working with Phil, we’ve shifted the entire business in a huge, huge way. I started to work with phil because I realized there were some things holding me back…he’s helping me to fulfill my mission in a way that is huge, reaching people in a powerful way, but is also incredibly authentic”.

Luana Fara

Founder, Vida Om Yoga Platform

“Our first consultation with Phil was more beneficial than we could have imagined. Just one idea he gave, which we never would have thought of helped us generate several thousand dollars in our first month of business!”