You have been given a gift...

The time between your birth and your death. What do you want to do with it? 

I Operate On Soul Currency

If you are here, it’s for a reason.  You don’t need me to convince you of anything. You already know. But if you would like to know a bit more about me, I’ve taken the opportunity to share some of what drives me here on this page. 

What I Do:

I'm Phil Powis. I help conscious business entrepreneurs of all disciplines to unlock hidden magic in their online business, coaching, or consulting practice by:

  • Growing your profits for a sustainable business no matter what you make right now
  • Helping you strategize a business model that expands your vision of what’s possible while thriving financially
  • Building a strong sales and marketing foundation for your business so you can build and scale with confidence

Here's what Hendrix Black, Men’s Coach has to say about working with Phil:

"Phil hasn’t just mastered the art of marketing systems and automation. He’s mastered the art of putting more profit in your pocket while freeing up pockets of time you didn’t even think were possible. It would easily take you a decade of testing and tinkering to land on the treasure trove of profit maximizers / time savers that Phil could help you you and your team get up to speed on in just a few hours”

Here's what Julie Pham, Intuitive Coach & Healer has to say about working with Phil:

“Phil is not only EXTREMELY knowledgeable, he is deemed an expert. He is a rapid executor, natural systems builder, and master in his craft. I would work with him in a heartbeat”

A Few of My Truths:

  • I’m only interested in supporting conscious business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to leave the world better than they found it.
  • Yes, I’m a technologist, however, I believe that the value of technology and systems can only be measured in direct proportion to the amount of connection, growth, and belonging that they are in service to.
  • If you want to read my thoughts on business & tech you can find them here. More interested in going deep? Cool!
  • I like to think of myself as a wizard, but you can make up your own mind on that. Here’s my bag of tricks that you can use too.

Want to Connect? 

If you'd like to learn more about working with me in a consulting capacity or as a strategic partner in your business, you should read more about my services.

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My Values:

It’s important to know who you are doing business with.  In an effort to share how I like to live, work, and play, here are some of the things I value (as inspired by and many adapted from Taylor Pearson's list).

  • An Integrated life. We encourage the use of systems to move towards desired outcomes in business, relationships, health, creative expression, and spirituality. (Inspired by: Kristoffer Carter)
  • Long-term perspective. When making decisions, consider second and third order effects. Play long ball.
  • It’s either a strong YES, or an absolute NO when examining new commitments and priorities. (Source: Derek Sivers by way of Mark Manson)
  • Move towards the resistance.  Move away from your comfort zone into growth mode and always be stretching. (Source: The War of Art)
  • Study to increase skills. A steady diet of reading and contemplation is vital to continued development. (Source: Work The System)
  • Prioritize establishing and enhancing business and personal relationships.
  • Seek first to understand then to be understood. (Source: 7 Habits)
  • Respect others time and opinions.
  • Be deliberate in action.  
  • Strive for simplicity. Less is more, and always seek to do more of less. (Source: Work The System)
  • Focus on that which is within your control. (Source: 7 Habits)
  • Vulnerability and authenticity are the paths towards true connection.
  • 80/20 decision making.  Will this multiply results? (Source: The 80/20 Principle)
  • Value integrity, meaningful relationships, and legacy above all other currencies.
  • Think like an investor. Create plans that protect downsides and define deadlines.
  • Value speed of implementation. Execute quickly and without regret.
  • Radical focus. Say no to 99 out of 100 great opportunities.
  • Operate with urgency. We have a limited time on earth.
  • Suspend ego. Take a no-excuses approach to achieving goals with open-mindedness, determination, and courage.
  • Recognize that you are what you do today.  Every action leads to habit creation.

Principles are Important:

Here are a few of the things that stand out for me. And if you are wondering about the difference between a value and principle, I like this article.

  • Spirit of Oneness – Bring awareness to the impact of your actions as an individual and team on the greater whole with reverence, respect, and love vs division and separation.
  • Effectiveness vs. Efficiency – Use courage and wisdom, not labor.  Lean into the fear. What is the appropriate action from a place of stillness and intuition?
  • Vertical Coherence – Align your daily, weekly, and quarterly objectives with your long-term goals to stay motivated and ensure true alignment of team and mission.
  • Honor and Integrate Failure – Apply Rapid Experiment without fear of the unknown. The path to our greatest growth is often illuminated by our failures. Honor these as our teacher with non-judgement but take swift deliberate action to review, plan, and execute against these learnings.
  • Recirculation of Resources -  Increase capacity to receive through innovative business practices and strong relationships, while expanding a strong culture of giving back to our employees, community, and the world.
  • Radical Responsibility - Integrate processes that encourage the expression of individual and organizational truth. Our capacity for growth is directly correlated to our ability to foster deep trust and open communication.
  • Bring the Joy - We prioritize spreading happiness and expanding the belief of what is possible through our products and services. Adventure and play are encouraged as a means of increasing our capacity for creative breakthroughs

My Lens Statement:

I am finding faith as I go deeper in my spirituality and let go of fear.  I leverage my inner strength and courage to allow my creativity to flow, aligning my talents with what is in best service to the world.

I take time daily to practice gratitude for this life, finding joy in small moments.  I am disciplined and ambitious in work, yet practice detachment to specific outcomes beyond my control.

I am growing stronger and healthier every day in every way as I learn to love myself and others fully.

IF at any time I say something or show up in a way that is not in alignment or integrity with this statement, I’d ask you to call me on it, so I can be present with what’s coming through.

You can expect that it’s my intention to show up according to this statement, and express this version of my self as fully as possible.

Got it?

Want to connect? 

If you'd like to learn more about working with me in a consulting capacity or as a strategic partner in your business, you should reach out.

I'd also be grateful if you were to take the time to sign up for my Activation Articles and to ask me questions.