25-Year Vision


  • Spiritually and relationship aligned. Fully integrated
  • Leading a high performing team with integrity
  • Spreading positive message and bringing joy
  • Expanding belief of what is possible.
  • Creative work leveraging tech to create life of freedom.
  • Balanced, scalable, profitable
  • Mission driven vs income driven
  • Location Independent
  • Passive income streams in multiple six figures that empowers full expression of creativity through abundance.
  • Fostering connection as a means for expansion.
  • 1:1 work with only people I love and believe in their mission.
  • Prosperity allows for giving back.
  • Incorporation of adventure, creativity, and play in offers.


  • Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically balanced in health.
  • High levels of natural calm energy that is aligned and properly channeled
  • Pain free with no major health blockers, any that exist overcome.
  • Optimal weight, lean, built and confident in appearance.
  • Highly nutritious diet that supports all aspects of life.
  • Daily Yoga practice.
  • Daily meditation practice.
  • Flexible and maintain youthful ease in the body.
  • All biomarkers are optimal.
  • Stress is managed with ease through optimized rituals and routines.


  • Happily married to janice with total commitment to one another.
  • Effectively honor one another in marriage, support as individuals.
  • Family with children.
  • Great ability to spend time with friends and family.
  • Work/play/friendships blend with ease for integration.
  • Give back with time and financial resources.


  • Strong daily spiritual practice.
  • Deeply connected to God, universe and fellow humans.
  • Deep integration across all aspects of life.
  • Deep sense of truth, yet open to possibility and new ideas.
  • Committed to going deeper in truth.
  • Beyond knowledge and into the experiential.
  • Spirituality guides all aspects of life.
  • Rooted in community.
  • Let go of fear & uncertainty, rest in faith.
  • Joy and gratitude for this life on a deep cellular level.


I am finding FAITH as I go deeper in my SPIRITUALITY and let go of fear and uncertainty. I leverage my inner STRENGTH and COURAGE to allow my CREATIVITY to flow, aligning my talents with that which is in best service to the world.

I take time daily to practice GRATITUDE for this life, finding JOY in small moments. I am DISCIPLINED and AMBITIOUS in work, yet practice DETACHMENT to specific outcomes beyond my control.

I am growing STRONGER and HEALTHIER every day as I learn to LOVE myself and others fully.

Thanks to Taylor Pearson for inspiration for the 25-Year Vision and Kristoffer “KC” Carter for the the Lens Statement Process.